Start the Month Evening Services

Every first Sunday in the month we hold a special evening service. Each service is different - some are traditional, others less so. These services are ideal if you enjoy less formal styles of worship in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Start the Month - Evening Services 2021

3rd January - Start the Year with GodThe service is at 7.30 pm on Zoom

7th February -  Candlemas. The service starts at 7.30 pm on Zoom

7th March -  Creation and the Environment with Bishop Ruth of Horsham (on Zoom)

4th April - Easter Joy

2nd May - Songs of Praise - Favourite Hymns

6th June - Prayer journey - Favourite prayers

4th July - Service of thanks

5th September - Wherever we are

3rd October - Who am I? Quiz at 6pm  - Thanksgiving service 7.30

7th November - Service of Hope & Light

5th December - Advent

19th December - 9 Lessons and Carols



Last updated 09/2021