Prayers for the Community

Prayers for the Community


At the 10 a.m. Sunday services, prayers are being offered for people who live in specific roads and streets in Southwater. If you live in the road or street given below and would like to be prayed for (no names need to be mentioned) or have a concern you would like prayer support for please let Godfrey know in advance. We would also like to welcome you to the 10 a.m. service on the day we pray for all who live in your street or road.


7th July – Woodfield and Church Lane

14th July – Bonfire Hill and Church Lane

21st July – Marlpost Road and Two Mile Ash Road

28th July – Christ’s Hospital School


4th August –Worthing Road

11th August – Martindales and Welcome Place

18th August – New Road and Courtlands

25th August – Netherton Close and Roberts Close


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