Electoral Roll

Your church is here to serve everyone in the Parish. 

The Electoral Roll is the official membership list of Southwater Parish Church. It is presented to the Diocese of Chichester every year. Being on the Electoral Roll means you can vote for the PCC members and Deanery Synod representatives. You may also may stand for one of those posts. 

Every six years, everyone has to reapply for membership of the Electoral roll. The last new roll was prepared in 2013.  To join the Electoral Roll simply click here and print out the form and send to Barbara.

In a nutshell, being on the Electoral Roll enables you to become part of the “Body of Christ” and play your part in His Church. It means you can vote at the PCC annual general meeting when new PCC members are appointed and to select representatives who will represent your church at Deanery Synod. 

The Deanery Synod feeds into the Diocesan Synod and, ultimately, the General Synod, which is the Church decision making body. It means the laity, as well as people at every level in the Church, can play their part in every aspect of church life, including doctrine and services. 

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