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prayer chainSupporting you through a prayer chain

What can we do for others in great need?

Something we can do is to share these needs. It is more than listening and walking away. By praying together, we can let God's love and grace work through us.

Within the life of our church, it is important we meet (as quickly as possible) the needs of individuals for prayer. Through the chain, we pray on our own but this is done alongside the other members of the chain. Praying together with others we know we are part of something much bigger. We cannot hear others' prayers but know that they are directed to God in love.

How does the chain work?

If you seek prayer for yourself or someone else, please speak either to Pat Chapman on 730420 or Godfrey on 730229, who will initiate the chain. The request will be dealt with swiftly and carefully and the need for confidentiality is fully appreciated.

The wording of the request is totally personal: it can include a name (but doesn't have to) and it can include as much or as little as the person making the request feels appropriate. We do ask however that wherever possible requests are made with the full knowledge of those being prayed for.

What about intercessions in church? 

The prayer chain is not an alternative, but means we can respond to needs as quickly as possible. Prayer requests given to the prayer chain are not included in church service intercessions unless the person making the prayer request asks for this to happen. Requests are treated completely confidentially: once received they are passed to along the prayer chain as quickly as possible, so that within minutes prayers can be said. In this way, the prayer chain has brought comfort, support, love and healing to many over the years.

Who is the chain for?

It is for anyone who has a particular or urgent prayer need.

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