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Prayer can be moving...

A conversation with God, a time to share our blessings and concerns, or simply time "to be" when we listen for God's guidance.

This special event will span 24 hours inspired by the Diocesan year of prayer.

Where will the Holy Spirit lead us next?

Come, be part of our adventure with God

All are warmly welcomed.

24/1 Prayer - useful information

24 hours of prayer will take place over 24 hours starting at 7 pm in the church room on Friday 21st September.

Feel free to sign up for stint on the sheet at the back of the church. You can put yourself down for whatever length of stint you wish, and are welcome to add even if others are have already said they will be there. 

2018-09 24/1 prayer

You are very welcome to come along and join us! 

It is okay if you haven't signed up or would normally go to another church. 

Timings and location

In the Church Room

from 7 pm Friday 21st September to 12 noon Saturday 22nd September.

In the Church

from 12 noon until 7pm on Saturday 22nd September.

Whether you are comfortable with Prayer or struggle to know where to start there is something here for you.

There will also be a prayer walk (weather permitting) available around the grounds/Glebe Field.

All are welcome

2018-09-23 vela south Sunday shoebox appeal

Important - change to service times on Sunday 23rd September!

For one day only, our Sunday service is at 11 am. 

Due to the Velo South Route cycling, Worthing road and Church Lane will be closed from 7 am until 2.30 pm. 

To allow ourselves more time to walk to church, our worship will start at 11 am. PLUS a guest speaker who will talk about the shoe box appeal. 

A simple bread/cheese/salad lunch will be provided - at around 12 noon. If you wish to join us for lunch could you please put your names down on the sheet at the back of the church.

All are welcome

2018 talents and thanksgiving

Talents and thanksgiving

This special event returns when "for one night only" we celebrate the gifts God has given to us. 

Each one of us is uniquely gifted. This evening of sharing and joy is family friendly - when we entertain one another with our special talents.   

Come join the celebration!

All are welcome

Activities taking place every month

First Sunday 2018

First Sundays - refreshing and varied worship to suit all tastes!

Following on from our successful launch of First Sundays in 2017 we have a new and exciting programme lined up for 2018.

We kick off the year with "Follow the star - who will you be following this year?" Each First Sunday evening service will be held in a different style. It's great if you are not used to coming to church or would like to try new ways of worship - some of these services are traditional, others are less so.

You are very welcome to join us for refreshments at 7pm for a 7-30pm start. The services usually last about an hour.

All are welcome!

Tuesday course

Summer course: The Holy Spirit and sharing Jesus

#Spiritual, #Christianity, #Faith, #God, #Jesus, #HolySpirit,

All are welcome!

Ever been puzzled by what is the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit fits together with Jesus and God? What do people mean when they say they were moved or inspired by the Holy Spirit? Maybe even feel the Holy Spirit move among us? Come and learn with our friendly group. 

Using The Holy Spirit course from the Bible Society's Refocus series, together we will explore the significance of Pentecost, find out about the Holy Spirit, and how we can see the work of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. The course brings together viewpoints from many writers in the Bible, guiding us to feel the Spirit in our lives.

You are warmly welcomed to come along with a willingness to explore.  

Sessions start at 8pm (we meet at 7-45 for coffee) in a Southwater home. Venues vary weekly so do please get in touch to find out where we're meeting! Thank you

curry clubCurry Club

The men's curry club has been meeting for more than ten years. Men from the church community meet up roughly once a month for a relaxing meal and good company. Curry and beer feature regularly but not exclusively. 

The group meets up at different venues (with a range of prices) within a few miles of Southwater. 

We usually meet at 7-30 for 8pm, sharing cars, or occasionally using public transport, depending on the venue.

Please let Norman know if you are coming two days before the date of the curry so that he can confirm numbers to the venue.

The next meal out is The Cock on Wednesday 20 June.

Contact us to find out more. This time women may allowed join us!

Last updated 09/2018

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