Bereavement support

Bereavement support

When someone close to us dies many emotions and feelings can be experienced.

Grief and grieving is our response to this loss. We can experience feelings of denial through anger and depression. We may feel overwhelmed and isolated. We can even face big questions about our own mortality. It can take time to reach acceptance, although that doesn’t mean we don’t still miss our loved one.

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These feelings may affect us immediately but sometimes grief doesn't hit home until months or years after their death.  At times like that, it is important that we have someone we can turn to.

What can we offer?

Someone to listen in a caring non-judgmental way, providing one to one support, or with your family.

When and where?

Godfrey can be contacted at any time, to come and see you at home, in the vicarage office, or another place of your choosing. He is happy to listen, and offer reassurance. 

If you are feeling alone, you don't even need to talk - you can simply come and be with someone who understands.

We believe that Healing and Wholeness are really important and possible for all people through Jesus Christ.  We want to offer you the assurance of our understanding, and would ask that we may pray for you. You are under no obligation to join us, but we offer you a warm welcome to our church family at Southwater Parish Church.

Support is free of charge and completely confidential.

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